Friday, April 16, 2010

Holly D’Lane Jewelry

As the ancient civilizations developed, the men in those ancient societies learned how to find and identify colored gemstones. They learned how to grade diamonds and to cut diamonds. Men acquired the skills needed for model making and metal fabrication. Men studied how to set precious stones in an array of different metal shapes...

White Gold Topaz Earrings

Holly D’Lane has learned the skills introduced to society by the ancient jewelry makers. She has used her skills to develop a line of Holly D’Lane jewelry. Ms. D’Lane has also studied the art of gem enhancement. Almost every stone in the Holly D’Lane jewelry has been enhanced.

Holly D’Lane does not hide from buyers the nature of the enhancement process that has been used on any of the gemstones in her jewelry. Most of those enhancement processes are viewed as “standard procedure” among the community of gemologists. Some, such as heat treatment, have been used for thousands of years, in order to bring-out the natural beauty of gemstones.

White Gold Kunzite Stud Earrings

The enhancement of a gemstone does not diminish the value of that stone. It simply adds to the attractiveness and durability of the enhanced gem. Holly D’Lane jewelry is both attractive and durable.

Some pieces of Holly D’Lane jewelry mirror the excitement of New Orleans during the time of the Mardi Gras. As a young girl growing-up in New Orleans, Holly D’Lane loved the annual appearance of the costumed Mardi Gras participants. One can say with a fair amount of certainty that a number of those costumed parade marchers wore jewelry.

Some pieces of Holly D’Lane jewelry mirror the complexity and diversity of wetland areas. Holly has lived in two regions of the country where they have wetlands—the Cajun country in Louisiana and California. Louisiana has many marshes. California still has patches of wetland along the coast.

While living in California, Holly D’Lane could not help but notice the diversity within the California population. Influences from Mexican culture, Chinese culture, European culture, Indian culture and South Pacific culture can all be found in an extensive jewelry collection of Holly D’Lane jewelry.

Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Perhaps somewhere among the pieces of Holly D’Lane jewelry there is a symbol not unlike the symbol on a Marine Corps ring. Holly D’Lane says the she loves Big Band music. One writer has made reference to the Marine Corps ring that Bunny Hershner put on his finger, after the conclusion of his college years. That finger was one of three fingers that had moved the keys on his trumpet.

Maybe there is a piece of Holly D’Lane jewelry that has been shaped to look like a horn. Maybe there is a piece of Holly D’Lane jewelry that looks like a miniature drum. Perhaps jazz music sounded in the workshop where so many pieces of Holly D’Lane jewelry have been created.

White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings

Maybe as the jewelers pounded the small metal framework that would hold one or more of the many enhanced gemstones, their hammers copied the be-bop sound that has become associated with Charlie Parker and his jazz band.

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