Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Place around the Neck: White Gold Cross Pendants

Well before man first started placing golden objects on a chain, a chain that goes around the neck, artists and artisans alike seemed to harbor a fascination for the symbol formed by crossed bars. Consequently, the discovery of white gold eventually led to production of white gold cross pendants. Over the centuries that simple symbol has undergone numerous adaptations, some of which appear among the most recent white gold neck accessories.

An online shopper can view a few such adaptations by typing the phrase “apples of gold” into the proper space on a search engine. That clue should lead the shopper to two sets of white gold crosses. One set contains pendants meant for men; the other has similar items that were designed for women.
White Gold Cross Pendants
One of the items in the former set contains three white gold nails. In that piece, those three nails remain held together through use of white gold ties.  A variety of additional crosses fall under the category of “apples of gold” for men. They include a Celtic cross, one that clearly supports the ancient belief that the world ought to be viewed as divided into four sections.

In the latter set, women can discover the unusual cross named “harmony.” It features two separate curved bars. One appears to travel down and to the left; the other up and to the right.  A single diamond rests between those two bars.